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All of our facials at The Skin Retreat may be customized to your skin type and condition on the day of treatment. Simply schedule your appointment and we will tailor the treatment to your specific skin needs and desires.

OXYGEN INFUSION FACIAL—A cooling mist of pressurized oxygen is used to penetrate a customized serum with a nanomolecule of hyaluronic acid into the dermal layer of the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the dermis that decreases with age.

VITAMIN A INFUSION FACIAL—A high, custom dosage of a potent yet gentle form of Vitamin A is infused into the skin to create a healthy glow while addressing any troubled areas.

I’LL HAVE WHAT SHE’S HAVING—This ultimate rejuvenating facial combines any two of our advanced exfoliation techniques appropriate for your skin condition with our Vitamin A Infusion.

I WOKE UP LIKE THIS—Leave with a fresh and flawless look by combining any two of our advanced exfoliation techniques appropriate for your skin condition with a custom Oxygen Infusion treatment.

TROPHY WIFE—Be your own trophy wife when you upgrade your Oxygen Infusion Facial with one of our advanced exfoliation techniques for an instantly plump and radiant glow.

A-BOMB—Drop a mega-dose of vitamin A and other nutriceuticals directly into the dermis of the skin by combining your Vitamin A Infusion Facial with one of our advanced exfoliation techniques.


MICRODERMABRASION—Our crushed diamond handpieces combined with adjustable vacuum pressure instantly lift dull, dead skin cells from the surface, initiate the removal of blackheads, and stimulate circulation for increased production of collagen in the lower layers of the skin. The result is increased absorption of treatment serums and instantly smooth, glowing skin.

DERMAPLANING—A revised surgical blade is used to gently and painlessly remove dead skin cells and light, vellus hairs from the skin surface. Treatment serums are more readily absorbed and the skin will have an unparalleled glow.

REVITAPEN—Microneedling without the needles. Surgical stainless-steel tips combine with ultrasonic cavitation to create nano-sized channels in the upper layers of the skin. Product penetration and dermal stimulation are maximized with minimal irritation.

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LASH LIFT & TINT—Wake up with perfectly curled and darkened lashes. This semi-permanent treatment is like a push-up bra for your lashes, adding length and fullness you never knew you had. This lower-maintenance alternative to lash extensions is perfect for trips to the beach or skiing. Lasts 6-8 weeks.

LASH LIFT—A briefer treatment time for those who don’t require lash tinting. Please allow esthetician to evaluate your lashes first to be sure you wouldn’t benefit from the tinting.

LASH TINT—Get knockout black lashes that last a full month. Lash tints are perfect for those who don’t need a lift but love the added definition that color can bring to their lashes.


BROW DESIGN—Our goal is to give you your best brows, not the brow trend of the moment. Your natural hair growth patterns, design goals, and personal style are taken into consideration before we begin. Brows will be sculpted with a combination of trimming, tweezing, waxing and sugaring, depending on the condition of your brow hairs and skin condition. Next, the brows are tinted using a custom dye to add color and definition. Soothing skincare is applied before you go, along with concealer and brow cosmetics if desired.

WAXING—Removes hair by the root using stripless hard wax that is perfect for stubborn hair and sensitive skin. May be used on other areas of the face.

SUGARING—An ancient technique that uses lemon juice, sugar and water boiled into a soft paste to remove hair by the root. The paste is body temperature so there’s no worry of burning the skin, it’s great for most sensitive skin types, and it may be used on other parts of the face.

BROW TINT—A custom-blended vegetable dye is applied to selected areas of the brow for more color and definition. This semi-permanent dye washes out over the course of a month, and is a miracle worker at defining the lighter, vellus hairs of the brow to create fullness and definition.